We Build Companies That Change Lives.

We're a holding company that creates, builds, and scales companies all based on one mission: to help men and women across the world live healthier and more vibrant lives.

"One of the best things about The Truth Company is the company culture. We’re more than a workplace — we’re a place where a dedicated team of passionate A players come together to grow companies that leave a lasting impact on people's lives."

Our Brands

The Truth Company is made of several individual brands, each serving customers in different ways — but both with a focus on helping people live healthier lives and feel better.

Growing Fast - And Just Getting Started!

We currently total about 50 employees & contractors between our Boulder office and those working remotely.

Office Location: Downtown Boulder, CO

Features: Our newly renovated Boulder office is the central hub to all our brands, located in the heart of downtown Boulder, the health and wellness pinnacle of the United States.

In this office, you'll find:

  • An open, collaborative space for everyone to do meaningful and impactful work
  • A production studio equipped for audio, video, and photography
  • Multiple breakout work stations
  • A 2nd-floor lounging loft.

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